What To Do About Chapped Lips: A Guide To Care And Ingredients For You

On the aesthetic side, it is ugly without question! On the hygiene side, it is dangerous because of bacteria and viruses! Finally, it is painful! What to do about chapped lips? Is it only cosmetics that can help or do other means exist? We have sought the opinion of dermatologists who are unanimous on the cause of this annoying phenomenon: excessive dryness.

What to do about chapped lips: cosmetic or skin health problem

chapped lips

Less humidity in the air due to the drop in temperature is the main cause of dry lips. Cracks cause pain. Contamination is possible by touching with unclean hands. Do not try to use lipstick according to the skin tone, it is useless. It can not remedy but worse, it can aggravate the problem.

Perhaps, you rely on the means against skin burns after long exposure to the sun. Of course, this can work! In most cases of chapped lips what to do, you are embarrassed. Why? Because the deep cracks are open and you are not sure that the ingredients of a homemade lip scrub will do the trick.

We share the dermatologists’ opinion that once you know the triggers, you can turn to a few lifestyle habits that will help keep lips soft and moisturized, even when the weather doesn’t cooperate. Before you panic about “chapped lips what to do”, please know that the skin on the lips is among the most sensitive areas of the body and the most exposed to the environment.

Lips do not have the same concentration of sebaceous glands as normal skin and are constantly exposed to environmental factors, such as lip licking, cosmetics, and cold. These factors can dry out the skin barrier, leading to irritation, inflammation, and peeling.

What are the main causes of chapped lips?

causes of chapped lips

As the weather gets colder and drier, the thin skin of the lips tends to dry out faster than the rest of our skin. This can make the lips cracked, flaky, and raw in some areas and cause discomfort. But time isn’t always the cause of your dry lips. When there is an irritation caused by a product or an allergy, called contact cheilitis, the lips can become inflamed as well. These allergic reactions are usually caused by pigments in lipsticks, perfumes, and flavoring in foods. You can do patch tests at your dermatologist’s office to see if this is a cause.

There have been cases of irritation from everyday beauty products. Care should be taken when using acne-fighting substances, and care should be taken not to inadvertently put them on the lips. These products are designed to exfoliate the skin and if they get on the lips, you will notice dryness and cracking. If this is the case, apply white petroleum jelly or a balm to your damaged lips before using salicylic acid products.

The worst variant is that chapped lips (what to do) can turn out to be a sign of pre-cancerous changes, called actinic cheilitis. This is important to consider because to improve the texture and appearance of the lips, the dermatologist must treat the underlying sun damage. The three types of treatment that are applied when appropriate are cryotherapy, a topical chemotherapeutic agent, or photodynamic therapy.

How to treat chapped lips quickly?

How to treat chapped lips quickly

Moisturizing and repairing are the two main properties that all products softening cracked lips must have. In the list of ingredients that promote healing, we can read coconut oil, honey, and aloe vera. That is why it is necessary to grow this succulent plant at home. Beeswax, this one hundred percent natural product, and shea butter, which is so beneficial for the hair, these are ingredients that will have a lightning effect on the damaged skin of the lips.

What to do in prevention?

What to do about chapped lips

In mild cases, the skin of the lips may be able to repair itself. However, in cases of severe irritation, the lips may need outside help to repair the damaged skin barrier. A good rule of thumb is to keep the lips moist throughout the day to prevent dryness from occurring. Regular application of lip balms containing ingredients with an occlusive effect, such as lanolin, white petroleum jelly, or simply beeswax, will help protect the skin of the lips and make them softer. Repairing the lips overnight with a balm will have to become a routine and good prevention. Almond oil and vitamin E, too, are known for their healing, anti-inflammatory, and moisturizing properties.

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