Valentine’s Day: The 10 Trendy Flowers To Give To Your Partner In 2023!

Honey, do you want your rose bouquet for Valentine’s Day?” We get tired of this question every year! We won’t change, and that’s what 2023 promises us, finally!

Who hasn’t dreamed of redecorating their entire home with flowers? Spring is still far away, but flowers are always there to cheer us up! You still have to know how to take care of them, don’t you? We’ve all been on vacation under the sun once, leaving our poor little flowers to wither and die alone in the apartment… Evil flowers in a way! Guilt-ridden, you never rebought flowers just for decoration!

Valentine's Day: The 10 Trendy Flowers To Give To Your Partner In 2022

However, flowers are part of your daily life. They are everywhere and bring color to our lives. Of different colors, varieties, and shapes, flowers are in a way our children, because we take care of them like the apple of our eyes, more than we do sometimes!

Flower lovers, what are your favorites? For Valentine’s Day, have you always had red roses galore? To vary your desires and combine originality on this lovers’ day, how about sending a subliminal message to your darling so that he doesn’t buy (more) roses this year for Valentine’s Day, but another type of flower?

 Here is a selection of 10 trendy flowers to give to your partner for Valentine’s Day 2023!

1 – The Tulip, Star Flower Of The Year 2023


It is the most fashionable flower of the last two years. The tulip enchants us again this year 2023 with all the colors it offers us! What if you were to choose this flower for Valentine’s Day? The tulip is very much in demand to dress up the bouquets of February 14. The colors of the tulip have different meanings: the pink tulip symbolizes affection and budding love, the red tulip symbolizes more intense and passionate love, and the white tulip symbolizes sincere love.

2 – The Buttercup, More Atypical


Queen of the winter season, the buttercup is nevertheless discreet. It’s a hardy flower with an unparalleled elegance that immediately catches the eye. Choose this flower to surprise your other half this Valentine’s Day and then sublimate your interior and warm hearts! The buttercup symbolizes charm and sends us a positive message. That’s all we’re asking for in 2023, as long as it lasts long enough to have it all year long!

3 – Anemone, For A Retro Touch


Perfectly adapted to the season and the occasion of Valentine’s Day, the anemone is doing its “Back to the Future” remake, by imposing itself this year as one of the flowers to give! This flower symbolizes sincerity, trust, and love. Ideal for February 14 in a bouquet composition!

4 – The Mimosa, To Brighten Up Your Daily Life Together

Photo credit: cocon work

The Mimosa is one of the most popular varieties of the season. So why not give it as a gift for Valentine’s Day? Even though the mimosa conveys a message of friendship and tenderness, why not try something original? It’s up to you to create your message!

The mimosa also resists the winter and the cold of the season, it faces the obstacles of life, a bit like a couple! Perfect for Valentine’s Day.

5 – The Orchid, The Delicacy


Roses aren’t the only thing you need for Valentine’s Day. Here’s another option that might appeal to you: the orchid! The flower is delicate and exotic and symbolizes luxury, delicate beauty, and strength. The orchid defines delicate beauty par excellence. Do not hesitate to offer a delicate composition!

6 – The Fleur De Lys, To Offer To Your Queen Or King!

Fleur De Lys
Photo credit: sandrine RODA

If you are still looking for an original way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, we present you with the fleur de Lys. Very romantic and passionate, these flowers also have the historical symbol that follows them, and are not insignificant. The whiteness of the lily flower expresses purity, innocence, and virginity, which explains the fact that it covers the walls of churches and wedding ceremonies.

A gift for this year’s new couples!

7 – The Camellia, “Cute, Let’s Go See If The Camellia”


Although not necessarily Ronsard’s original poem, the camellia is a cute, flower that is great to have in floral arrangements for Valentine’s Day. The flower is meant to seal your couple as it evokes the perfection of lasting love and beauty. You can’t go wrong with the camellia!

8 – The Sunflower, From Painting To Reality


The sunflower enters this selection for Valentine’s Day, to make your other half’s eyes sparkle. If Van Gogh painted sunflowers all his life, it is not for nothing! Delicate and colorful, it carries the message “You are my sun”! Very poetic and romantic for your partner.

9 – The Carnation, Lasting Love


The carnation, why not? The red carnation is ideal for a declaration of love or a budding relationship. It is more discreet than the rose, but just as romantic! The red carnation will win over your partner with the power of this flower alone.

As for the white carnation, its function is more to reward lasting and faithful love between two people!

A mix of red and white carnations is a good idea if you feel the need to declare your feelings to your longtime love!

10 – Amaryllis, The Naughty Flower!


In the top 10 of this selection of trendy flowers to give for Valentine’s Day, we have the amaryllis, the flower symbol of sensuality and eroticism! Even though the elegance of this flower does not please everyone, the amaryllis tends to have an enterprising and wild message, like: don’t resist me! If the amaryllis invites itself to your Valentine’s Day, you will surely spend the most romantic and naughty night of your life!

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