Trendy Nail design 2022: 7 Best Manicures With Animal Patterns

trendy nail design 2022

Social networks are really flooded with this trendy nail design 2022, fashionistas succumb to its charm and manicurists are looking for more and more ideas to upgrade classic designs… Say hello to the animal pattern manicure! Without a doubt, it’s the big star of the fall-winter 2021/2022 season! You haven’t tried it yet? It’s time to correct this mistake! Quickly book your manicure appointment at the salon or do it yourself at home by following some simple tips. What are they? Read on to find out.

Achieve a wild look with an animal print manicure

In winter, we’re usually used to seeing nails in cool or neutral colors, but this year, trends are bringing a new design that’s really kicking ass. More creative and colorful than ever, the animal print manicure is the perfect addition to any cocooning outfit. So if you’re looking for the perfect accessory, look to your fingers! No, we’re not talking about the rings, it’s the animal print on your nails that’s catching everyone’s eye. From the most classic designs like leopard and zebra to the most gorgeous designs like cow and python, there’s something for everyone. Check out the photo gallery below!

Which animal design to choose?

Nails Design

Animal print is the new neutral. It can go with everything and moreover, it can add a little extra accent to your 2021/2022 winter outfit. Just choose one of the trendy patterns – cow, zebra, tiger, python, turtle, or leopard… Yes, it can be really difficult, but also don’t forget that you also have the “Mix & Match” option that really cracks the web. It consists in applying a different pattern to each of your nails.

How to wear the manicure with animal patterns?

How to wear the animal pattern manicure is a matter of personal taste, but we’ll show you the most fashionable designs that will continue to amaze us even during the next year. Still, you can choose one that better suits your personality and lifestyle. If you’re a working girl, for example, go for the simpler designs with zebra or giraffe patterns. This means going for a French-style manicure with a little animal touch or nail tips. In this case, oval or square-shaped nails are an asset.

The most daring among you can combine the wild look with monochrome nails in pop colors like purple, fuchsia pink, orange, or mustard yellow. The best designs to try are python and leopard. Also, try adding a little sparkle here and there to achieve an even more glamorous effect. Complete the look with a long pointed stiletto, it’s Byzantium!

How to make animal nail art at home?

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind when we say “nail art” is to draw your favorite print. But if drawing is not your cup of tea, you should know that there are still two options that are much easier and faster to achieve. We’re talking about false press-on nails and self-adhesive stickers. You have a lot of choices!

7  Best manicures with animal patterns

1- Turtle scales

2- Mix & match version

3- Leopard

4- Zebra

5- French version manicure

6- Tiger

7- Cow

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