Maye Musk: At 73, The Supermodel Proves That Style Is Ageless

Dietician, fashion influencer, and supermodel at 73: Elon Musk’s mother Maye Musk is a true inspiration and proves that style is ageless. But it’s not just about fashion. Mrs. Musk is a fan of healthy and balanced eating and gives her free advice on physical and mental well-being. Here’s how to feel good about yourself when you’re over 70.

Maye Musk
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Some fashion and wellness lessons from Maye Musk

Over the past year, a new trend has emerged that promotes self-esteem and appreciation and is no stranger to Elon Musk’s mother: the self-acceptance trend. In addition to deciding to grow out her gray hair, Ms. Musk still follows a few principles that women at this age fear.

She’s not ashamed of her age, her style is always right on trend and she takes care of her body and mental well-being. So it’s no surprise at all that she’s a sensation on social media, namely Instagram and TikTok! Here are some of Maye Musk’s valuable tips for women 70+.

As we just mentioned above, Maye Musk is not ashamed of her age and she only wants to have fun. In her social media posts, she always appears radiant, happy, and full of energy. She regularly takes care of her skin, her body, as well as her mind and loves to wear makeup.

In an interview, Musk says she feels most beautiful when she walks the red carpet in a gorgeous designer dress complete with professionally done makeup and hair. The influencer further states that she was invited to a red carpet event for the first time at age 68.

Maye Musk admits that she likes to experiment with her clothes and makeup to stay on top of the latest fashion. “I follow fashion trends – at 73, you have to stay hip and avoid being what everyone expects,” she said in an interview with Vogue. On the diet side, the supermodel advocates the flexitarian diet, which favors quality fresh vegetables and less meat, which promotes good health in general.

In addition, the dietician does not seem to be bothered by wrinkles, stating that they “occur when you lose facial fat. But it’s better to live with wrinkles than with heart disease, high blood pressure, or diabetes. As for her clothing style, the fashion influencer is not afraid of bold and colorful pieces usually reserved for younger girls.

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