How To Build Up Your Jawline And Lose Your Double Chin? Discover the Revolutionary “mewing” technique!

Are you embarrassed because your jawline is not well defined and you have a double chin? Have you ever thought about having an expensive procedure to get rid of these imperfections? Well, what if we told you that it’s not necessary?

What if you could do it at home and get amazing results in just a few months? Besides, you don’t even have to spend a dime. This all sounds like a dream come true, and some might think it’s a gimmick.

Well, get ready to open your mind to new possibilities, because “mewing” is an amazing method that will transform the shape of your face! So here’s how to build up your jawline without much effort!

How to build up your jaw to get the perfect face!

How to build up your jawline

There are many articles on the Internet about how to get rid of your double chin or sculpt your jaw to perfection. However, many of them spread false information. Never fall into the trap of “miracle pills”.

Or any other miracle product they try to sell you and take advantage of your insecurities, without giving you the promised results. If you want to change something in yourself, you must be prepared to work hard. That said, the “mewing” method is a commitment in itself. We’ll tell you exactly how to do it and how often. However, you must be motivated and convinced that it will work. In the end, results are everywhere… And sometimes, you might be pleasantly surprised! So the Olivia healthy living team is determined to give you motivation!

What is “mewing”?

mewing technique

Mewing is not a new method. It has been around for many years and even dates back to ancient yoga practices. However, it has gained popularity recently and there has been an uproar about this method. What exactly is “mewing”? It’s the act of positioning your tongue flat on your pallet to restructure the jaw and thus get rid of the double chin.

However, you might be thinking, “How can you position your tongue the right way?”. Orthodontists have been preaching this method for years, even long before it was known. In the next point, we will show you how to do it correctly and you will see for yourself!

Mewing” tutorial: remove the double chin without surgery


To build up your jawline, here’s how to apply this method correctly by carefully following these steps:

  • Teenagers, refrain from doing it because your bone structure is still forming and it could be detrimental if you follow the method.
  • First, close your mouth tightly.
  • Let your back teeth touch, but not your front teeth. This is important.
  • Lay your tongue flat on your palette. This is the most important step in the tutorial.

It will probably take a lot of practice, as you are probably used to relaxing your tongue away from the roof of your mouth without thinking about it. Over time, your muscles will remember how to place your tongue in the correct position for mewing. It is recommended that you do this all the time, even when you are drinking liquids.

Tips and tricks to sculpt your jaw

lose your double chin

Other tips and tricks to remove your double chin and sculpt your bony jawline involve:

  • Camouflage the double chin with contouring! This is an instant beauty tip!
  • Try the Gua Sha stone! It is said to promote lymphatic drainage and thus get rid of excess fat and water retention.
  • Chew more! Since eating all the time is not a viable option, take some chewing gum!
  • Reduce your caloric intake. Sometimes excess weight can cause a double chin!

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How To Build Up Your Jawline And Lose Your Double Chin?