Industrial Sugar Danger! How To Eliminate It From Your Diet And Stay Healthy?

The best friend of our small pleasures like eating chocolate, industrial sugar is also our best enemy. It has all the bad sides: it acts on us like a drug, is bad for the heart, promotes diabetes and cardiovascular disease. It is difficult to escape it as it is found in many food products. Industrial sugar: how to eliminate it from your diet? Don’t worry, it is possible to do without it and still enjoy yourself. Discover our solutions to take care of your health.

Industrial sugar, how to eliminate it from our diet?

Industrial sugar danger

Starting to cut out sugar gradually is of paramount importance in your fight. Since it will be difficult to stop everything overnight, you need to reduce your sugar intake gradually. As a first step, pay attention to the glycemic index (or GI, which indicates the concentration of glucose in the blood) of the products you consume. It is particularly important to keep an eye on it.

Opt for sugar-free products


At first, this will require more effort and time when shopping. Indeed, choosing (and finding!) products labeled “no sugar added” is not an easy task. You have seen others, it will allow you to appreciate the taste of certain foods and course to gradually reduce your intake of refined sugar. That’s the goal, right?

To do this, you will also have to hunt for hidden sugars. After a few weeks of learning, the different names of sugar will no longer hold any secrets for you: sucrose, fructose, glucose, glucose syrup, dextrose… there’s nothing like knowing the name of your enemy to avoid it on the shelves!

Don’t eat processed food

We know that, but our daily constraints (and our laziness too!) make us too often choose ready-made meals to reduce our sugar consumption instead of taking the time to cook good homemade meals. The food industry is not afraid to use sugar and puts it in your dishes. Our advice is to cook more regularly to control the amount of sugar.

In this regard, choose whole foods such as pasta or rice. These are richer in fiber and will limit your consumption of white sugar. To make matters worse, they avoid snacking and facilitate digestion. What more do you want?

Choose a balanced diet

balanced diet

Of course, we saved the hardest part for last. To get rid of sugar, try to stop having a snack break. Replace your sugary bars full of added sugar with fresh fruit or dried fruit. A little extra, a square of 90% dark chocolate.

Finally, don’t overdo fruit yogurts to ease your conscience. Unfortunately, they contain more sugar than fruit! Let’s finish with the most important advice of this section: nothing is better to avoid getting used to sugar than not trying to replace it right away. Indeed, you will learn very quickly to drink your coffee or tea without sugar. The hardest thing is not to relapse, be strong!

Industrial sugar, how to replace it in our diet?

Fortunately, there are some alternatives to refined sugar. Agave syrup for example has an extremely low GI. As such, it is often recommended in diabetic diets. Honey can also be a good alternative, but its caloric intake remains high. Let’s look at 3 simple alternatives to industrial sugar.

Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables

We tell you this often enough, don’t we? Eat fruits and vegetables, it’s good for your health! By using them wisely, you can also sweeten your preparations by replacing industrial sugars: in juice, grated, caramelized. We trust you to develop all your creative abilities. Another option is to add natural extracts or citrus peel to your desserts. You won’t know what sugar is anymore.

Spices and herbs

Spices and herbs

Spices and herbs are an embarrassment of riches. They will bring a sweet note to your cooking and bring out the natural sweetness of your preparations. Here are a few gourmet options:

  • star anise
  • cinnamon
  • vanilla
  • pepper
  • basil
  • mint

Coconut blossom sugar instead of industrial sugar

Coconut blossom sugar
photo credit: Fitness Tale

In some specialized stores or online, it will be easy to find coconut blossom sugar. Thanks to its low GI, it is easy to limit sugar. It is a superfood that has its cost because it consists of three sugars not stored by the body. Try it because your health is priceless!

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