How To Slim Down Your Belly? It’s Easy, Drink Hot Water In The Morning!

drink hot water
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Our body is composed of a large part of water: it allows us to have beautiful skin, more fluid blood. Drinking water is good for your health. You already knew that, didn’t you? Similarly, drinking hot water is also said to have excellent health benefits. It is even a common practice in China to hydrate the body sustainably without requiring energy consumption. Moreover, drink hot water in the morning on an empty stomach would make it easier to lose weight. How to lose weight on the stomach? Scientific studies have shown that drinking hot water in the morning accelerates the metabolism and burns more visceral fat than usual. We tell you more about this in this article.

How to slim down your belly? Drink hot water!

Drink water

To lose weight on your stomach, it is necessary to eliminate the “bad fat” on your stomach. In fact, in addition to not pleasing you, it could eventually cause health problems such as high blood pressure. Drinking hot water has miraculous virtues in this fight. Let’s see how to take advantage of it…

What is abdominal fat?

How to slim down your belly

This is the fat that is found in the stomach area. It is also called “visceral fat”. Not very aesthetic and especially quite dangerous for your health. Indeed, abdominal fat is not located under the skin but accumulates around the organs. It establishes its quarters, so to speak, more precisely between the muscles and organs of the abdominal area such as the intestine and the liver. Can you see the magnitude of the task?

What a problem it can be?

Abdominal fat is perceived as “bad fat”. When there is too much of it, it can, unfortunately, impair the functioning of organs. The most unfortunate consequences are diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, or cardiovascular diseases. Fortunately, despite its stubborn and deep-seated nature, it is possible to fight against this “bad fat” by adopting better eating habits and practicing regular sports activities. In addition, some scientists believe that drinking hot water in the morning will also help eliminate it.

Why drink hot water in the morning? To lose weight!

drink hot water to lose weight

Many health experts claim that drinking hot water in the morning speeds up the metabolism and burns more visceral fat than usual. Indeed, if drinking hot water has its benefits at any time of the day, drinking it in the morning would increase the positive effects tenfold. Here are 3 reasons for you.

1-Reinforce the feeling of satiety

Experts explain that drinking hot water on an empty stomach helps you feel full. The blood vessels in the intestine dilate and make you and your brain feel full. In addition, drinking hot water on an empty stomach in the morning would activate the body’s temperature maintenance mechanisms. Thus, your body would need additional energy to activate itself and its daily energy expenditure would be reinforced. An effective appetite suppressant, no?

2-Activate lipolysis

Let us explain a little? When you don’t have enough water in your body, your body can’t properly metabolize fats or carbohydrates. This vital process of fat metabolism is called lipolysis. That’s why water is so important in your fight to get rid of belly fat. Drinking enough water has the power to burn fat from food and drink, as well as stored fat.  Three in one, so to speak.

3-Easy fat elimination

Drinking hot water after a meal, such as breakfast, helps break down fats, transforming them into substances that can be absorbed and reused by the body. Finally, it also facilitates digestion. Not bad, right? Of course, this is no reason to go overboard: you should still eat a balanced breakfast.

How to lose weight on the stomach? At what temperature should I drink hot water?

belly fat

For hot water to be beneficial, it should be consumed between 37 and 40 degrees. Indeed, the body temperature being approximately 37°C, it is necessary to drink water neither too cold nor too hot. For Chinese medicine, the body has two possibilities: to provide energy (Yang) to heat the water and bring it to body temperature or to cool it down (Yin). For Chinese medicine, a habit in one direction or another is necessarily the cause of health problems. A lack of Yang would result in difficult digestion or weight gain. Not enough Yin would result in hot flashes, insomnia, or increased appetite.

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