How To Choose The Perfect Hair Mask?

Just like our face, our hair needs a hair routine that adapts to each change of season. In winter, the cold tends to make it drier and more brittle, for example. Friction with the hat can make the scalp greasy. And our scarf tends to damage the ends. Nothing is irreparable as long as you know how to choose your hair mask, according to the nature of your hair and your needs at the time. Feeling a little lost? The editors have some tips on how to keep your hair healthy all winter long.

Choosing a mask based on the condition of your hair


Does your hair visibly need care? Is it dull, has it lost its suppleness, and does it need to be moisturized? The golden rule is to always choose your mask according to your needs at that moment. You can have dry hair or an oily scalp for example. There will always be a mask that meets your current needs.

We advise you to choose your mask according to your type of curls and therefore, the condition of your hair. If they are brittle and damaged, for example, they need to be repaired in depth. We like to use a nutritive mask, rich in butter and proteins.

If they are dry, foamy, and lack moisture, you need a mask that is both moisturizing and nourishing, for complete care. There are also clarifying clay-based masks. They are useful for detoxing your hair, removing all the residues of care and shampoos from your hair. They are also indicated for those who have an oily scalp.

If you have dry, curly, or frizzy hair, think about hair masks enriched with keratin. This substance is already naturally present in the hair and is very effective in nourishing the hair fiber for a long time.

Finally, if you have fine hair, beware of hair masks that weigh your hair down. If your hair needs hydration, use a mask developed specifically for fine hair and apply it only to the mid-lengths and ends. Leave it on for 20-30 minutes maximum and rinse.

Making the difference between a hair mask and conditioner


We realized that many of our readers had trouble making a difference. These two products seem similar, but they don’t have the same action at all:

  • Conditioner is applied to wet, towel-dried hair right after your shampoo. It disciplines the hair and facilitates the styling at the exit of a shower. It is made to pose only one minute or two before rinsing it. It is not concentrated inactive ingredients and does not guarantee a deep action on the hair.
  • The mask for hair is true care which will act in-depth on your lengths and your scalp. It is highly concentrated in active ingredients and requires at least 1 hour of rest, at least twice a week for a long-term result. It should never be used after each shampoo, otherwise, your hair will become greasy or brittle from choking the fiber.

Once in-store or on e-shop, read the label of the products well before buying them. To maximize the effects of the mask, place it under a warm wet towel. The heat activates the agents in the hair mask.

Which mask for colored hair?

If we devote a paragraph to them, it’s because they need special attention. Highlights and colorations weaken the hair. It tends to make it drier and more brittle. They need to be nourished in depth.

It’s best to opt for a mask specifically developed for colored hair to keep the color vibrant for as long as possible. Concentrate especially on the lengths and ends.

Whether your hair is straight, curly, frizzy, or colored… here are some tips on how to take care of your hair the way it should be and give it everything it needs.

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