How To Apply Makeup To Acne Prone Skin Without Overloading The Pimples? The 5 Steps To Follow!

How do you apply makeup when you have acne prone skin? This is the question that many women suffering from this common skin condition ask themselves. We give you the top tips and tricks to camouflage pimples without overloading them. Follow us!

The 5 steps to follow to make up your acne prone skin without making a mistake and without overloading the pimples!

acne prone skin

Step 1: 

Cleanse your face thoroughly no matter what type of skin you have, the makeup process always starts with a good cleansing of your face to remove excess oil. Next, apply a light moisturizing lotion to alleviate the dryness of the skin that is often induced by acne treatments.

Step 2: 

Apply makeup base Once your face is clean and moisturized, apply your makeup base (the primer) in light strokes to avoid irritating pimples and making them more red and inflamed. Gentleness is the keyword here!

Step 3: 

Apply green concealer to red pimples use green concealer on your acne pimples may seem odd at first, but there’s a good explanation. On the color wheel, red is the opposite green, which means that when mixed, the two colors cancel each other out. This is why there are so many green concealers on the market.

So, apply green concealer on the breakouts to reduce their red color. Do not rub, but gently tap with your finger to blend. Using a clean makeup sponge is also an option.

Step 4: Concealer that suits your skin tone

acne skin

The fourth step in applying makeup to acne-prone skin is to apply concealer to the areas you normally cover. Gently pat it on to blend well. We recommend that you use tube concealers, as they provide better coverage than stick concealers.

Get a concealer that matches your skin tone exactly, as concealers that are too light or too dark will make pimples more obvious. If you wish, you can always skip this step.

Step 5: Apply powder all over your face

Put the finishing touches on your makeup for acne prone skin by lightly applying translucent powder to set the concealer and give the face a matte look without overpowering the pimples. Plus, the powder helps absorb oil throughout the day.

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