Home Hair Removal For Legs – Comparison of Various Best Techniques to remove unwanted hair!

Home hair removal for legs, Facial hair has always been a major annoyance for self-care girls. Then, let’s face it, especially during the warmer months of the year, body hair becomes one too. And while it’s best to use the services of a professional esthetician for the bikini area, leg waxing is a less tricky affair that can be done at home. But what is the best technique for getting rid of unwanted body hair at home? Some methods don’t last long, others are painful and some are too expensive… So which one should you choose?

Which home hair removal technique for legs should I use?

Home hair removal for legs

Did you know that the first evidence of full body hair removal dates back to 3000 years before our era in Ancient Egypt? Yes, men and women used to remove all their hair, including eyebrows, just to replace them with wigs in strategic places. Today, this is no longer the case, but hair removal from legs, underarms, arms, private parts, upper lip, and eyebrows, among others, is still relevant. Let’s compare the different techniques for doing it at home to decide which approach is best for us!

Express and painless shaving

Express and painless shaving

Shaving is probably one of the most popular forms of home hair removal and with good reason. It’s painless, it’s inexpensive and it works great even when you’re in a hurry. If this is your method of choice, make sure you always use the right products to prep the skin to avoid embarrassing ingrown hairs. Exfoliating your body regularly helps reduce this risk, as does applying a lotion or oil to soften the skin.

Although you can shave any area you wish, legs and underarms are best suited for shaving. This method is quick and cheap, but its results are among the least durable. Also, many girls complain that their hair becomes more numerous, harder, and darker after shaving it for some time.

Waxing of legs

Waxing of legs

Some sensitive skin does not respond well to shaving and alternative hair removal techniques for the legs should be considered. For example, waxing is considered less risky in this regard and also removes hair at the follicle level, preserving silky skin longer than multiple other methods. Among other benefits, waxing is also exfoliating in itself, as it removes dead skin cells in the process. Thus, it keeps your skin softer and makes the hair grow back finer which is quite beneficial.

There is a distinction between hot and cold waxing and also some variations of these two methods. In general, working with hot wax is more complex and also requires a larger initial investment, as you will need a wax heater. In most cases, cold waxing of the legs is done with strips coated with wax in advance that are only heated in your hands. In the long run, this method can be even more expensive than the previous one, since the ready-to-use strips are less affordable than the several milliliter jars of wax that you heat yourself.

Sugaring sugar hair removal

Sugaring sugar hair removal
photo credit: Sylvia’s Secrets

Sugaring is similar to waxing in that it also removes all the hair from the root. The biggest difference between the two approaches is that the sugar paste is applied against the hair and removed in the direction of growth, as opposed to waxing, which does the opposite. On top of that, sugaring does not require the use of strips, but it is the paste itself that captures the hairs and is removed to pull them out.

As you can imagine, this is a specific leg hair removal technique that requires a certain amount of skill and practical experience. In any case, you will master it over time and you will be able to space out your hair removal procedures considerably.

Hair removal from legs with an electric epilator

electric epilator
photo credit: hamna arshad

Like the previous hair removal techniques, electric hair removal is another option that removes hair at the root. However, the method is more similar to the use of tweezers, as it relies on a mechanical action to pull out the hair. Electric leg hair removal lasts a long time, but many ladies find the process unpleasant, even painful, especially during the first few sessions. It is also more time-consuming because hairs are pulled out one by one, not all at once in a given area.

For and against depilatory cream

depilatory cream
photo credit: Marco Verch Profession

Depilatory creams use chemicals to burn the hair rather than mechanical action to pull it out. Such a product dissolves the hair on the surface of the skin and leaves the skin smooth and silky. However, if you have sensitive skin, applying chemicals like this is not your best option at all. In any case, novices in the world of depilatory cream should always test on a small area of their skin before going for full leg hair removal.

Home laser hair removal: permanent or almost permanent?

Home laser hair removal
photo credit: Eva Williams

Finally, this is the most expensive leg hair removal method, at least in terms of the initial investment. However, it is a permanent hair removal method that kills the hair follicle and thus prevents hair regrowth. Home laser hair removal is more permanent than 100% permanent, as you will have to repeat the procedure over some time. But there’s no denying that having smooth legs all summer long with little or no touch-ups is an extremely appealing idea!

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