Here Is The Famous Sports Routine (almost Military) Of The Singer Adele

The British singer Adele has been a chart-topping star since 2008. If there is something that has marked her career, it is her impressive weight loss. Here’s how the star lost nearly 100 pounds…

Don’t lie, we have all cried one day while listening to Adele. The singer with a voice has been transporting us for almost 15 years with her perfect songs to live our breakups with intensity… If the British star has always been much talked about thanks to her talent, since 2019, another topic is in the headlines of all the tabloids: her impressive weight loss. The young woman has lost almost 45kg, not without effort.

Adele weight loss

In November, the singer had spoken about her physique on the Oprah Winfrey show: “I was proud of my body before and I am now”. Far from complexes, the star said that the sport and diet had allowed him to manage the stress of his divorce from Simon Konecki.

The singer threw herself body and soul into a routine almost military. She confesses that she has developed a certain addiction to sports. Recently, she revealed her daily exercise routine… and left her fans and sports professionals speechless. A quick look at her exercise routine makes it easy to see why.

1) A Routine Based On Daily Training

What does a typical day look like for Adele? It’s very simple: wake up, work out, eat, work out and finish with a third session before going to bed. Now we understand why the young woman presents herself as a sports addict: she follows an almost military program to evacuate her anxieties and negative thoughts. 

To go into detail, her workouts are divided into a very specific pattern: 

In the morning, she mainly does muscle strengthening based on weighted exercises. These are generally very classic exercises and are practiced in the circuit to work all parts of the body. 

In the afternoon, the star goes back to the gym to do a boxing or climbing session, two activities recommended evacuating emotions and stress. 

And, she finishes her day in style with a cardio session that will allow her to complete her overall routine. 

As impressive as this may sound, Adele did warn about the specificity of her routine. This workout regimen was put together by sports and health professionals based on the star’s physical and muscular abilities. It is important to keep in mind that each person is different and that sports routines are not generic, they must be adapted to the profile of the person. 

2) On The Food Side, It Is Also Very Well Controlled


On the food side, Adele completes her commando training with a very specific diet: the SirtFood diet. The principle of this diet is? To consume only products which contain sirtuins, very specific enzymes which come naturally to boost the metabolism and the lipolysis of the body. In this broad category of foods, we find apples, blueberries, onions, matcha, olive oil, citrus fruits, soy, dark chocolate, and (surprise) red wine.

As for the functioning of this diet, it is built in two phases: the first, during the first 3 days, lies in the fact of consuming, at most, 1000 kcal per day. To do this, you must eat mainly vegetable juices and a meal rich in superfoods. On the last 4 days of the week, the caloric intake increases to 1500 kcal/d. The days are punctuated by the consumption of two juices and two complete meals. 

This very restrictive diet has been criticized by several health professionals. The risk is to make a superb yo-yo effect. Why is this? Because the frustration in this kind of diet is much too great and food crises are commonplace. 

3) What Do Health Professionals Say?

Many sports and health professionals reacted following the broadcast of the singer’s daily program. For them, this excessive practice of sport does not allow the body the necessary time for recovery, but, especially, this addiction would hide a much more serious problem. For some professionals, this relationship with sports is often an indicator of problems related to eating disorders and eating disorders. When sport becomes so present in daily life, it is because it is a response to anxiety or guilt related to eating. 

This type of routine, however supervised, should not be taken lightly and should not be repeated without medical supervision.

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