Dry Hands In Winter: 8 Best True/False Ways To Take Good Care of Them

This is a problem we all face to varying degrees: dry hands in winter. The common misconception is that we need to slather them with cream to heal them. Through this article, you will see that many of these beliefs are false and even harmful to our extremities.

In the same way that some of our (a priori innocent) gestures contribute greatly to drying out the skin on our hands. Do you want to change your reflexes to avoid this typical winter inconvenience? We guide you…

Dry hands in winter

1 – No, you shouldn’t stick your hands to the radiator

You thought you were doing them well? The opposite is true. Cold weather is hard on your hands, but temperature variations are even harder. Your skin dries out when you go from cold to hot by changing the temperature of the water or by heating your hands when you come from outside, for example. To avoid this, wear gloves when outside and avoid sudden hot/cold. It is better to let your hands slowly get used to the ambient temperature.

2 – Yes, you should buy a specific hand soap

Are you used to using the one you use to wash the dishes? Stop it! It is far too aggressive for the skin of your hands. Not to mention the hydroalcoholic gel, which doesn’t help at all. You need 30 seconds of washing to properly remove all the bacteria. So choose a soap dedicated to hands or a washing oil for example, much more hydrating and less aggressive than soap.

3 – Yes, the hands are more sensitive than the rest of the body

If you had any doubts, we’ve just cleared them up. The skin on your hands is even more sensitive than the skin on your face. We are used to covering our torso and neck, even if we forget our hands. This way we protect our vital organs first. This is perfectly normal. But to keep your paws soft and not suffer from cracked skin, it is essential to invest in a good pair of gloves or mittens, even if you only go out for a few minutes a day.

4 – No, you don’t have to apply hand cream all the time


We can see you walking around with your tube in your handbag… It’s a good idea, but in the end, it does you a disservice. By applying cream without stopping, you make your skin “lazy”. We impose artificial fat on it, so it produces less of the fatty film that is supposed to protect us naturally. So let’s let our bodywork while giving it a boost from time to time.

5 – Yes, you should wear gloves when you wash the dishes

We agree with you, it’s neither practical nor very graceful, but it’s highly useful! As we explained in number 1 of this article, hot/cold is very bad for your hands. Washing your dishes in hot water with bare hands will completely dry out your skin. Besides, your hands often become very red and tight when they dry.

There is only one solution: invest in some nice reusable dishwashing gloves! By the way, this tip can be used all year round, even in the summer when it is very hot and you use cold water. The aggression is the same for the skin.

6 – No, scrubs don’t dry them out even more

The effectiveness of facial scrubs in any season is no longer in question. It’s the same for your hands! What’s more, it’s even the secret to healthy hands. Once a week, you should give yourself a sugar and honey scrub (for example). Although you can also use the same product you use for your face. After the scrub, we think of a course to apply a good layer of moisturizer. Goodbye dead skin and unwanted residue!

7 – Yes, you can use your face or body moisturizer

Ideally, it’s best to use a cream that’s been developed specifically for hands. But if you don’t have it on hand, don’t run to the drugstore right away. Your usual moisturizing cream can do the job in the short term.

And the cream you use for your feet will also moisturize your elbows perfectly! A smart, planet-friendly tip that saves you money.

8 – No, you should not hesitate to see a dermatologist

Despite all your efforts, your hands remain red, painful, unsightly, and desperately dry? The problem may lie elsewhere. In these cases, the best way is to talk to your doctor, who will most likely refer you to a dermatologist. As a professional, he or she is entitled to prescribe a “heavier” treatment or to ask you to undergo certain tests to identify the source of the problem and treat you.

Whatever happens, don’t panic: it is perfectly normal to have drier hands in winter than during the rest of the year. Follow these rules: put on gloves as soon as you go outside, avoid the heat/cold, continue to scrub and cream and everything should be fine.

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