Feast Like a Queen: Discover the Daily Menu of Queen Elizabeth II!

If there is someone who will live forever, it is Queen Elizabeth II. On Thursday, September 8, 2022, the Queen reigned the longest in the English kingdom and bowed. Historic longevity, which is perhaps hidden in her daily meal, is decidedly reasonable and balanced.

Darren Mc Grabby, the former chef of Buckingham Palace, has revealed in detail the daily menu of Queen Elizabeth II. And if you were expecting to find Marmite and minted lamb, you’re up to your elbows in it. It seems that the queen had a very balanced diet. So her Olympic shape, even at an advanced age, was not so strange.

A Busy Day For Meals! 

daily menu of Queen Elizabeth II

All of the Queen’s menus were carefully prepared and calculated to meet Elizabeth II’s nutritional needs. They varied little but were all validated by the Queen herself (it would indeed be a shame for a queen to follow a diet that did not suit her). Thus, her day was punctuated by 4 meals, all as complete and appetizing as each other. 

For breakfast: tea (obviously), but not only!

As soon as she opened her eyes, the palace staff brought her a cup of tea. So, before even setting foot on the floor, Elizabeth II sipped a cup of Earl Grey (what could be more English?) without sugar or milk. This cup of tea was accompanied by plain or fruit scones, but it was more the corgis than the queen who enjoyed it. Once prepared, the queen settled down for a breakfast of cereal, yogurt, and jam toast.

For lunch, the keyword was “balanced.”

After her morning royal duties, the queen would sit down in the large dining room to enjoy her lunch. It usually consisted of Dover sole (a coastal town in England) and spinach. These two foods provided her with a host of fatty acids and vitamins that gave her energy for the rest of the day.

The tea time was a sign of the greediness

An essential step in the day of our British neighbors is undoubtedly tea time. Served between 4:00 and 4:30 pm, it is the little sweet break of the afternoon (which proves that the French are not the only ones who love snacks). On the menu of this royal tea time: cakes of all kinds, savory sandwiches, scones, jam… Certainly, the service was royal. A little subtlety, the corners of the sandwiches were always rounded so as not to “look like a coffin and not to bring bad luck to the Queen”, a strange little protocol rule, but one that all the Buckingham Palace staff complied with.

For dinner, it was a three-course meal

Dinner was a little richer than lunch for the Queen. It usually began with a fish terrine (trout, salmon, or mackerel). This was followed by a piece of venison with whiskey sauce and finally, she finished her meal with a cake (fruity or chocolate). The queen avoided starchy foods in the evening when she was not at a performance dinner: this allowed her to fall asleep lighter, without digestive worries.

Dishes Scrutinized

The queen’s health was the priority of all the palace employees, and all the dishes served to the queen were, of course, scrutinized to make sure there were no complications. As the queen had a lot to do with her position, her schedule couldn’t be disrupted by a meal that was not fresh enough or by food that she had difficulty digesting. For this reason, each menu was carefully prepared to avoid the slightest complication.

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