Clean Express Diet: Best Slimming Diet To Lose Weight In 1 Day Or A Detox Program?

Clean Express Diet, the lemon diet, eating fat-burning fruits, and more: there are many methods to lose weight effectively and in no time. What’s more, diets are constantly evolving and new ones are emerging every day to guarantee better results. That said, a new diet has just appeared on the scene to help us get back on track easily and quickly. Some sources even claim that it allows you to lose weight in one day. The dream of every girl, isn’t it? But, are there any health hazards? How to adapt it exactly? Spotlight on the clean express diet!

What is the “Clean Express” diet?

Clean Express Diet

It’s no secret that in winter, we are tempted by unhealthy comfort food and we don’t watch our diet as much. This can lead to extra pounds! As a result, we resort to an express slimming diet that promises effective and lasting weight loss in just a few days. This is the case with the “Clean Express” diet which, according to some sources, helps you lose weight in just one day. Is this the case? Does this type of diet present any health risks? The answers are given in the following paragraphs.

Indeed, the main objective of the Clean Express diet is to evacuate the toxins from the body that tire the liver after an evening or a day of overeating. It is therefore a detox program rather than a real diet. This method eliminates toxins over 24 hours to give us a feeling of lightness. What is on the program of this express diet?

To achieve the Clean Express diet, one eats fruits and vegetables, as well as proteins and a small number of carbohydrates. It is also important to clarify that the benefits of this slimming detox diet have not been proven by science and that, according to some scientists, the body is quite capable of handling excesses by itself and does not need purifying care. It is the liver and kidneys that do the job.

In short, the Clean Express diet is not about weight loss, but about eliminating all types of toxins in 24 hours that have accumulated the day after overeating. Doesn’t that make sense?

How to adopt the Clean Express?

diet clean express

After clarifying that this is not a slimming diet, but rather a detox diet, we explain how to adapt your diet to purify and relieve your body the day after an excess. You should know that in this program, it is particularly important to listen to your feeling of hunger to adapt to the quantities of food. For example, when we say 170 grams of fish, it does not usually make sense, because everything depends on the individual and his own needs. So, what is the menu composed of?


When you are aiming for effective and sustainable weight loss, experts recommend a hearty breakfast which also helps prevent obesity (according to a scientific study). However, this is not at all the case with the Clean Express diet, which seeks to evacuate toxins and relieve the body after an excess of food. Start the day on the right foot with a fruit salad made from grapefruit, kiwi, pear, and a few cubes of fresh ginger. Then season with the juice of half a lemon and a teaspoon of honey. Forget about coffee and accompany your healthy breakfast with an unsweetened maté infusion that will banish the 11 a.m. cravings.


Protein is an essential part of any highly effective diet and it is also part of the Clean Express menu. Choose white fish or chicken in combination with seasonal vegetables cooked al dente and with cereals such as quinoa or wild rice. These can also be replaced by a slice of whole-grain bread.


To avoid snacking in the evening, fill up on a detox snack in the form of a homemade compote. To prepare it mix the following ingredients in a bowl: two apples, five prunes, a few drops of lemon, and a very small amount of cinnamon.


For dinner, eat light! Make yourself a miso soup and serve it with a plate of lentils or choose another type of vegetable protein. Three other important practices will help you succeed in this “Clean Express” detox day. The first is to drink a cup of detox tea at 10 a.m. and another at 4 p.m. The second is to go to bed an hour earlier to better prepare the body for the next day. Finally, the third practice advocates sports activity as an essential part of an effective slimming diet. The main thing is to choose a sport that you enjoy!

The warnings


At the risk of repeating ourselves, the Clean Express diet requires a great deal of trust in the body to better monitor feelings of hunger and satiety. Listening to your body is essential to better adapt your diet and thus succeed in the detox program.

Nutrition experts are concerned that repeating this program as a diet may be dangerous to your health. It is only one day of detox that is done the day after overeating. Followed punctually, the Clean Express does not threaten your health. On the other hand, if there is a repetition, problems can occur and even eating disorders will develop. Not to mention the return of the melted kilograms.

Overall, this diet will help you eat healthier after an excess, but if you are aiming for weight loss, it is best to consult with a dietician or nutritionist.

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