Best 10 Foods That Will Help You Get A Plump Butt

Do you know what JLo, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, or Rihanna have in common? A dreamy plastic and a great plump butt. But be careful, you should not believe that nature was generous only with them (and the others), beautiful buttocks, it is worked! With sport but also with food.

Do you dream of having a killer butt? It’s time to get to work. If the 90s-2000s idolized the breasts, since the 2010s, it’s the buttocks that are in the spotlight.

If some people resort to plastic surgery to enlarge their buttocks, fortunately, this is not the only solution. Real sports and dietary routines can help you reach your goals quickly.


As far as sports are concerned, we prefer all the variations of squats that essentially mobilize the muscles of the lower body, but that’s not all you should do. The gluteal muscles are the most solicited muscles in the body and each exercise (or almost) will call upon your gluteal muscles in one way or another.

It is therefore important to define your transformation objectives beforehand so that you can build an adapted sports routine that will not create an imbalance in your body. We tend to believe that, to gain mass in the glutes, we should only work the glutes, but in fact, this is not how we should proceed. Working only in one area will not help you gain shape and firmness faster, only a complete and regular workout will allow you to reach your goals.

You should also not forget your diet, which is inseparable from your sports routine. However, there are certain foods that you should focus on if you want to see faster results. Here is the list of 10 foods that will help you maintain your muscles and therefore, allow you to have more plump buttocks.

1) Spinach To Boost Muscle Fiber


Food stuffed with silicon, spinach is the perfect ally of athletes. Eating it regularly will help you boost the production of muscle fiber while keeping your muscles supple.

2) Fatty Fish Will Help You Gain Volume

fatty fish

All fatty fish, from salmon to herring to mackerel, are perfect fish to accompany a healthy eating routine. They also help build muscle because they are packed with protein. A good sports routine targeting the buttocks plus a proper diet will help you gain volume quickly.

3) Ricotta, A Cheese That’s Good For You

ricotta cheese

It’s a known fact that some dairy products are very rich in amino acids and proteins, such as ricotta cheese. Eating ricotta cheese regularly can help your buttocks bulge.

4 ) Cucumber, A Healthy Vegetable That Helps You Gain Volume


Like spinach, cucumber is rich in silicon. As a result, the same results as for Popeye’s favorite vegetable, it helps keep muscles supple and in shape.

5) Eggs, A Protein Shot That Helps Us Reach Our Goals


As we all know, there’s nothing better than eggs to fill up on protein (be careful, you shouldn’t overdo it). Protein helps build muscle fiber, which is why eggs will help you gain volume in your buttocks.

6) Turmeric, A Magic Spice For Your Buttocks


We don’t think about it enough, but spices can also be real allies in a physical transformation process. Turmeric will help you build and strengthen your muscle tissue. It can be consumed as a dietary supplement for longer-lasting effects.

7) Lean Meats, A Real Support For Athletes

lean meats

Lean meats are particularly popular with athletes because they are packed with protein and help you gain muscle mass quickly. They are also excellent foods for drying out body fat and making muscles more prominent. A very appreciable kiss cool effect!

8) For Plump Buttocks, Eat Pineapple


Pineapple is a fruit full of collagen, which is what helps the muscle fiber to build and regenerate. Eating pineapple not only helps your muscles recover and build after a workout, but it’s also a great way to get a vitamin C shot.

 9) Soy, A Perfect Plant Protein Source For Your Muscles


While it is sometimes difficult to synthesize plant protein, as you often have to combine certain foods to get all the benefits, soy is an easy protein source for the body to assimilate. And as with all foods, as soon as there is protein, it is beneficial for building muscle fiber.

10) Pasta, The Perfect Food For A Plump Buttocks


The carbohydrate/protein mix offered by pasta is an excellent ally for athletes looking for mass. Eating pasta regularly ensures healthy, shapely muscles.

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