Best 100 % vegan mac and cheese recipe


The Best vegan mac and cheese recipe you’ll ever try! It’s just as tasty as the real thing, with a creamy, cheesy sauce created from sweet potatoes and nutritional yeast. When I need comfort food, the first thing I cook…

why am I not losing weight?

why am I not losing weight

You make every effort, but the scale refuses to budge. It’s only natural to wonder if those extra pounds will ever disappear. But don’t throw down the towel and abandon your diet just yet. Check to see whether one of…

Vegan vs Vegetarian, what are the differences?


With the multiplication of food scandals, the trivialization of GMOs, the hegemony of the food industry… different reasons can lead us to modify our consumption habits. Some people become vegetarian, or vegan. Here is a close-up of these three dietary…