8 Best Tips To Take Good Care of Your Feet in Summer

They bear the brunt of our day and could use a little pampering. Our feet hibernate in winter, but as soon as the first rays of sunshine arrive, they come out and are not always in good condition. To show them off in our gorgeous sandals and with our latest trendy pedicure, we have to take good care of your feet. So we’ve taken a look at the basics of foot care. Our goal: to be ready in time for summer!

1- Use a bristle brush

take good care of your feet

Our feet accumulate a multitude of bacteria and a simple shower is not always enough to eliminate them. So every day, we gently scrub our feet with a brush (or an old toothbrush) and antibacterial soap. One passes well between the toes and under the nails.

2- Take a foot bath

This is the basic step: water and heat will soften dead skin. This is the way to gently say goodbye to foot horniness. You can add a few drops of essential oils, such as tea tree or eucalyptus, for guaranteed relaxation. Vegetable oils such as sweet almonds will allow more intense hydration. Sea salt can also be used for its disinfectant properties. After the operation, dry your feet well with a towel and not in the open air.

3- Sand your feet

After the footbath, use a pumice stone or a special horn razor to remove dead epidermal cells. The keyword: gentle! Be careful: metal or sharp files do not allow you to rub your heels. On the contrary, they will hurt the skin and add more horns. And the peeler should only be used on extremely sagging skin where the pumice stone is no longer sufficient. Note: never sand on dry feet and rub for a few seconds, no more.

4- Exfoliate your feet

Once a week, as you would for your face or body, you exfoliate your feet with a hammam glove and a little black soap. This will limit the accumulation of horns and keep the skin supple. You can also opt for a mixture of softening vegetable oil (olive oil) and brown sugar. Magic!

5- Cut and file your nails

You should not cut your nails too short with tweezers or nail clippers at least once a month. The cut must be straight to avoid ingrown nails. Round off the angles with a file.

6- Apply moisturizer

This is a bit of a basic rule, but it’s worth remembering. Choose a rich cream if your feet are very dry. We insist on the circumference of the heels and nails. Urea is a very good natural ingredient. This component has antibacterial properties, promotes the healing of cracks, and helps prevent foot fungus. Moisturizing foot masks or creams containing salicylic and lactic acids also effectively remove scaly skin cells.

7- Change shoes often during the summer

Yes, flip-flops are super practical, but they are real foot killers! The mule and the ballerina are in the same basket… So, a little advice: the best thing to do is to wear a shoe that holds your ankle by a strap, with a small heel for a good cushioning. And if possible to vary the shoes from one day to another.

8- Avoid sleeping with socks on

Your feet need to breathe. Therefore, leave socks aside to give the skin time to regenerate.

Finally, for your next pedicure, don’t forget the topcoat to protect the nail before applying a varnish.

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