7 skin Method – The Korean Beauty Trick That Will Give You a Dream Skin!

In recent years, Korean cosmetics are becoming more and more popular. So, everyone is in love with K-beauty and looking for new solutions to improve their skin health and have healthy and plump skin. After introducing you to the slugging beauty tip, it’s time to unveil another Asian secret – the “7 skin method”. What exactly is it? What are its benefits? How do you implement it into your beauty routine? Can it be done at home? We will answer all these questions in the following paragraphs. Are you ready to try this Korean beauty recipe? Go for it!

7 skin method – the beauty tip of Korean bloggers

7 skin method

Korean beauty products have taken the beauty world by storm. There are so many skin products and brands from Korea and Japan, but why are they so famous? Yes, K-beauty sounds a bit exotic and we all love to try something new while searching for the secret to eternal beauty. But the answer is much simpler than exploring the unknown. There are three key elements: Korean skincare products are very affordable. They are made from natural ingredients. There are many variations for each skin type.

What is the skin method 7?

In a nutshell, it is applying three to seven layers of toner or essence immediately after cleansing the face. Koreans call these products “skin”, hence the name ” skin method 7“. Perhaps this sounds strange to you? Here in the United States (and not only), but we are also used to using beauty products only once or twice a day at most. So this technique makes us ask a lot of questions related to our skin health. You can only enjoy it without any danger to your skin. Why? As already noted, Korean products are made from natural ingredients.

What are the benefits of the Korean cosmetic method?

7-skin-method - the-Korean-beauty

Have you ever wondered why you leave the beauty salon with a glowing face and super soft skin? The reason is that beauticians use different techniques so that your skin can absorb the applied substances. In short, you have deeply moisturized skin. This is the desired effect of the 7 skin method with the only difference that you can do it yourself at home.

When you apply a ton of skincare products to your skin all at once, sometimes before your skin absorbs the product, it evaporates or stays on the skin without actually being absorbed. By applying your toner several times, you allow your skin to absorb a thin layer of moisturizing toner or essence. In this case, the essence is a hydrating beauty product designed to help prepare the skin to absorb serums and creams.

The result: you’ll have glowing, well-moisturized skin with an instant plumped look.

How to use the 7 skin method?


1- Start by cleaning your face. There is nothing special here. Choose the products according to your preferences.

2- Pat your face dry or let it air dry. It is best to apply the first layer of toner when your face is slightly damp rather than completely dry. This first layer can be applied with a cotton ball or even just with your hands.

3- Repeat the action six more times using the tap and press application technique. This will naturally stimulate blood circulation bringing more oxygen and nutrients to your skin. Afterward, you can use your other serums or a moisturizer, as the skin will be even better prepared to absorb them.

What to look out for?

During the summer months, especially if you have oily skin, some people don’t even need to do anything else after seven coats of a moisturizing toner or essence-toner. You should still apply a protective cream with SPF factor to prepare the skin for the sun.

Another very important thing to know is that you should use toners without any alcohol because it has a somewhat invasive effect and you can irritate and dehydrate your skin by applying them more than once. So be careful not to achieve the opposite effect of the 7 skin method. The substances to avoid are ethanol or ethyl alcohol, denatured alcohol, methanol, isopropyl alcohol, SD alcohol, and benzyl alcohol. It is not recommended that you also use products with cleansing or exfoliating properties.

Applying seven coats of the same moisturizer to your face and neck is a perfect balance, proven even by dermatologists. But if you find it too much, you can start with two or three applications at a time. Just the opposite, if you use a toner more than seven times, it can stress your skin. So, you can try out different options, after getting information from a reliable source.

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