6 Best Tips To Take Care Of Your Mouth In All Seasons

6 Tips To Take Care Of Your Mouth In All Seasons

The sun, salt, and chlorine of summer are giving way to autumn and winter with their share of complications for our skin. First impacted: our mouth. Between dryness, tightness, and other chapping… it is necessary to correctly take care of our lips in all seasons. Here are 6 Tips To Take Care Of Your Mouth In All Seasons to keep in mind!

1- Avoid moistening your lips with your tongue

Moistening your lips by licking them during the day is a bad reflex. It may seem like it moisturizes your lips and gives you instant relief, but it doesn’t! Once evaporated, saliva has a (very) drying effect in the long term, which encourages chapping.

It is also not recommended to bite your lips, as it makes them more fragile and promotes their sensitization, especially in autumn-winter. Of course, you can always lick your lips for a delicious dessert…

2- Exfoliate your lips with a natural scrub

A little scrubbing will help you remove dead skin. It is best to exfoliate your lips regularly (once a week), with a gentle scrub, so as not to irritate your lips.

You can make your scrub from a tablespoon of sugar, a tablespoon of honey (optional), and a tablespoon of olive oil for example. On the lips and around the edges, apply this mixture with your finger or a damp cotton pad. Rub gently, rinse with warm water, and dab your lips with a terry towel. Another solution: a soft, wet toothbrush will have the same exfoliating effect. Your lips will be soft and smooth!

3- Use a moisturizing mask on your mouth

A moisturizing mask specifically for lips applied once or twice a week, is ideal to boost the hydration of your lips. In case of dry skin, a mask applied in a thick layer will repair your lips.

On chapped lips, you can apply a mask made of vegetable oil and honey. A generous layer of shea butter will also be a very effective moisturizer. To heal wounds left by dehydration, we recommend aloe vera gel.

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4- Don’t use too much matte lipstick

Tips To Take Care Of Your Mouth

Lipsticks with a matte texture, which are very trendy, should be avoided, especially if you have sensitive lips. This is because most of these formulas still dry out your lips a bit and as a result, your mouth will be more prone to chapping. Try to limit their use to special occasions, or one or two days a week for example.

You can also turn more lipsticks with a satin or creamy finish. And always remember to apply a balm before applying your lip makeup!

5- Drink enough water

That’s right! As surprising as it may seem, the best way to hydrate your lips – and your skin in general – is to hydrate your body from the inside. So drink enough water, and regularly throughout the day.

It is advisable to drink at least one liter a day, or even twice that amount for sports enthusiasts or when it is very hot. In any case, never wait until you are thirsty to drink water.

6- Always keep a lip balm on you

To take care of your mouth, we advise you to always keep a lip balm on you. And not only in winter! You can apply it to moisturize your lips two to three times a day in all seasons, without overdoing it, otherwise, your lips will get used to the balm and end up not getting the benefits.

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